Sudatonic™ USA Infrared Systems

The Sudatonic™ Infrared System helps to improve circulation by forcing the body to use stored fat mass as energy to fuel the body. Sudatonic starts with the application of a barrier cream which is formulated to make sweating difficult. Fat cells are then forced to release fatty acids in order to provide the energy needed to push perspiration through the body. The Sudatonic™ Infrared System is based on sound scientific principals in using Infrared heat to increase metabolism. Toxins are flushed out of the body as our exclusive 4-zone Far-Infrared blanket is used in conjunction with Sudatonic's USP Pharma Grade, SudaTone Creams. With the Sudatonic™ System, improvements are also notable in skin appearance and texture, weight loss, reduction of cellulite and stretch marks, along with the benefits of a totally relaxing experience for our clients.

Sudatonic™ Benefits Include:

  • Lower Body Fat & Facilitate Weight Loss (not only from water)
  • Relieve Pain of Joints & Muscles
  • Increase Metabolism & Energy
  • Simulate Lymphatic Systems
  • Release Toxins
  • Reduce Cellulite & Stretch Marks
  • Improve Skin Tone & Elasticity

Penetrating Active Ingredients

SudaTone 1 Detox and Cleanse Formula

The cream formulation provides the necessary barrier layer that stimulates fat cells to release fatty acids under the influence of far-infrared heat.

SudaTone 2 Cellulite Reduction Formula

Contains high concentrations of essential oils known for their action in lymph drainage along with elimination of fat toxins and other metabolic waste.

SudaTone 3 Contour and Firm Formula

Contains extracts that stimulate and activate the elimination of stored fat. Enriched with compounds, it acts on the metabolism by inhibiting the storage of fat reserves. The physiological conditions connected with the Thermo-Sudation (vasodilation, faster metabolic exchanges) enable the active ingredients to infiltrate the fat cell layers more effectively.

SudaTone 4 Fat Reduction Formula

The essential oils of Melaleuca (Australian tea tree oil) and cinnamon are selected for their healing and stimulating properties. These ingredients accelerate blood circulation in the skin and improve the penetration of a compound that inhibits certain enzymes, thereby preventing fat solidification and storage in the fat cell layers.


  • 1 Sudatonic-Infrared $125.00
  • 4 Sudatonic-Infrared $480.00